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My hobbies

My hobbies come in a great variety. From sports to sewing I've done quite a bit. In high school I was active in cheerleading, track, speech, volleyball, cross country, drama club, writing for publication and many, many others. Now that I am out of high school, I do some cooking, cleaning, drawing, rollerblading and playing with my boyfriend kids. I also tattoo and pierce along side my boyfriend. During the day I sit on my behind and watch television, eat, an sit on the computer building web sites. If not that, then I am sleeping. I sleep a lot during the day, and am up most of the night. I enjoy visiting family members, especially when it involves a road trip and more then a weeks packing. The other hobby I have, is collecting tattoos. From September to January I have recieved eight. A few are in the last few sessions of work. Many hours have been put in to my art.