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To my Mommy

To my

I was born on a cold March day,
It was a foggy afternoon,
And I could not wait.

I pushed and pushed
Just to get out.
You gave me life,
I gave you hell.

You have been there,
Since day one.
You changed my diapers,
And you gave me baths.

You were there to talk about everything,
From boys to girl stuff.
You always had an answer,
Though hardly did I use your advise.

I thought I knew everything,
That only got me trouble.
I turned to things that hurt me,
And you helped me turn around.

You stood by me,
No matter what I did to myself.
You got me the help that I needed,
And supported me though process.

You are always ready to hear,
How my theapy is going.
You always ask me questions,
To help you understand.

I thank God, everyday.
For giving me,
The best mother,
He ever could have given.